Three Tips for Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam: the capital city of the Netherlands and the city of delicious pancakes and quaint canals. There’s lots to do here, from visiting the red light district to walking through one of the local parks. You can also visit one of the sixty museums that the city is home to, like the Rijksmuseum or Moco Museum. But where to start and what should you think about beforehand? We have made a list of three tips for visiting Amsterdam. Follow these three tips and you’re guaranteed to have the city trip of a lifetime.

Buy your tickets online

Whether you want to visit a museum or another attraction like the Amsterdam zoo, it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance online. Places like the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum are known for their long lines, which take up a lot of your allotted time in exploring the city. By buying your Amsterdam museum tickets beforehand, you can skip many of the lines and you will have more time to do other things.

Prepare for the right weather

Winter is just around the corner, and in the Netherlands this usually means coldness and wetness. Make sure therefore that you bring the right clothes and accessories on your trip to Amsterdam, and bear in mind that you might get rained on. An umbrella and good, watertight shoes are a must, as is a warm coat and comfortable hats and gloves. This way you can explore the city even when temperatures drop, and you won’t be stuck inside your hotel room to avoid the cold and the rain.

Discover locations outside of the city centre

The last tip is for those who have a little more time in Amsterdam. Of course, you will want to visit the city centre, with the impressive Dam square and the beautiful canals. But if you have more than a few days in Amsterdam, you should definitely travel outside of the centre. In the South of the city you will find the Pijp area, which is a hip neighborhood full of cafes and cute independent shops. For a more industrial, urban feel, take the ferry over the IJ-river to Noord. There are some cool clubs and restaurants in this area, and once every month it is time for IJ-hallen, a big flea market situated in an old factory. Everything from clothes to retro furniture can be bought here. Now you’ve read these three trips, you’re ready for your trip to Amsterdam. When are you leaving?