Social Intelligence Is An Ability That Must Be Improved

As humans, social life is the need of every human being, without a social life, there will be many disturbances and discomfort due to loneliness. To socialize, humans need social intelligence or neuroscience, namely the ability to say and behave socially which we can always do anywhere.

Social Intelligence is our ability to form a relationship with the social environment. Social Intelligence is also how our ability to manage social relationships, such as giving the right response when interacting while talking. Social Intelligence is needed so that we know and be aware of when we talk, listen, and act to other people so that we don’t make mistakes that make other people hurt.

People with Social Intelligence have their characteristics.

Speak well

People with them are very careful in their words so as not to offend others.

Listen well

they can listen to understand the other person’s point of view. They understand what the other person is going through.

Accept opinions well

People with social intelligence can accept opinions or criticism well. They see criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Assess well

People with social intelligence never judge someone based on the opinions or opinions of others. They always try to see various sides of an opinion, let alone the judgment of others.

Avoid pointless discussions

People with social intelligence don’t waste time arguing with other people. They like discussion, not debate. Simply put, they prefer to make peace rather than forcing themselves to always be right.

Not selfish

People with social intelligence apologize when they are wrong, and accept the forgiveness of others. People with high social intelligence have empathy and high ethics, so when they make a mistake, at that time they will sincerely apologize or forgive.

The conclusion is, people with high social intelligence are people who can understand the other person well.