Effective and Efficient Photochromic Glasses, No More Sunglasses Needed

Glasses are the most practical tool to help with visual impairments. In fact, with the latest lens technology, prescription glasses can also be sunglasses. 2in1 glasses that have adaptive lenses are glasses with photochromic lenses.

Photochromic Glasses

Known as photochromic glasses, these glasses are embedded with transition lenses. These photochromatic lenses darken when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Thus, when wearing photochromic glasses, one no longer needs to wear sunglasses.

These photochromic lenses are as clear as prescription eyeglass lenses when indoors. However, it automatically darkens when you are in an outdoor area exposed to sunlight. This is because UV from the sun affects the molecules in photochromic lenses and changes their color.

So, even if the weather is cloudy, it will still work. Because, the sun still appears, even though the weather is cloudy. That is, glasses with the designation of adaptive lenses, automatic tint lenses, or variable tint lenses can be used in all lighting through different shades of color.

These glasses can indeed protect the eyes from the sun. However, it is not the same as polarized glasses (sunglasses). Although both can protect from the sun’s glare, sunglasses cannot change color. Meanwhile, photochromic sunglasses can adapt to sunlight.

The function of Photochromic Glasses

  1. These glasses are very practical and efficient for those who want to wear sunglass during the day. The other functions are as follows.
  2. Protects against UVA and UVB, helping to reduce eye strain, eye damage, and the potential risk of cataracts later in life. This is because it can block up to 100 percent of UVA or UVB rays.
  3. Photochromic glasses are more effective, as there is no need to carry sunglasses with you. This is because transition lenses make it easier for users to switch from clear to dark colors.
  4. Save money, glasses with photochromic lenses are slightly more expensive than regular lenses. However, photochromic lenses are so effective that one does not need to buy sunglasses anymore.

Glasses with lenses that can be added, in addition to photochromatic, there is also a type of lens treatment that can be applied to prescription lenses.

  • Lenses are scratch resistant, applying a clear scratch-resistant coating to the front and back of the lens increases their durability. Most modern lenses come with built-in anti-scratch. If not, you can usually add it for a small fee.
  • Anti-glare coating, glasses with anti-glare coating, can improve comfort and visibility, especially when driving, reading, or looking at electronic screens at night. It also makes the lens nearly invisible so that other people can see the eye through the lens.
  • Glasses with anti-fog coating, anyone who wears glasses in cold climates will have a hard time due to fogging on the glasses. An anti-fog coating can help eliminate this effect.
  • UV blocking lens treatment, these lenses can be used as a sunscreen for the eyes. Adding a UV-blocking dye to lenses will reduce the amount of UV light reaching the eye.