5 Tips for Premium and Luxury Car Rentals

Traveling for work, vacation or other things requires quite detailed planning, especially in terms of transportation. In addition, if you are traveling with co-workers, relatives, or your family, renting a car can be an alternative transportation option. Renting a vehicle is more flexible when traveling, especially for those who have several destinations or plan to stay for a certain period.

Here are tips for those of you who want to rent a vehicle.

International Driver’s Permit

If you have an International Driver’s Permit, the process of renting a car abroad will be easier. However, if not, make sure the destination country is not too concerned about the International Driver’s Permit. Usually, countries that use English in their daily lives are not too concerned about having an International Driver’s Permit. After all, the car rental office will notify you if you need an International Driver’s Permit.

Find a car rental place

Look for information about car rental agencies in the places you are going to visit. You can prepare or search for car rental places through travel sites or on the internet such as Jakarta premium rent car.

Rental car booking

There are two ways to order a rental car, namely directly and online, such as rent car Jakarta premium. If you have the telephone number of the rental office, you can contact it directly. Most overseas car rental agents only accept credit cards for the rental process.

Car insurance

Most travel credit cards usually have a vehicle rental insurance feature. Before deciding to rent a car abroad, make sure the credit card you have has this insurance feature. However, if you don’t have one, car rental agencies usually offer insurance facilities.

Understand traffic rules

Long before you intend to rent a vehicle, you must understand the applicable traffic rules. After that, obey every rule and don’t forget to know the border areas that may or may not be crossed.