5 Tips and 5 Recommendations for Villas in Batu Malang that are Instagrammable in 2024

Holidays are a suitable time for you to travel with your family or partner, choosing accommodation such as a hotel, resort or villa can be the right choice according to your holiday destination. If you are on holiday with your family, a villa can be a suitable choice for many reasons. Here are some tips that might be useful for you in choosing a villa.

Choose a Location

Choosing a villa location can help you have a pleasant holiday moment or it can even ruin your mood if you choose wrongly. A suitable villa, namely a villa with access to a location that is not too far and is not difficult for vehicles to pass through and is too far from the city, but also not too close to the crowds, can help you create a pleasant holiday atmosphere without distractions. You can easily see the location of the corresponding villa using the maps application that you have. Choosing the right villa location, such as Sewa Villa di Kota Batu, helps you find a villa location for your vacation according to your wishes.

Here are 5 recommendations for Instagrammable Villa di Batu Malang in 2024 that can provide holiday comfort as well as facilities and services according to your needs which we have summarized in the Batu area, Malang City.

  1. The Alyssa Villa
  2. Villa Dedayu
  3. Villa Daisha
  4. The Shafa Villa
  5. Villa Lumina

Choosing a Villa Design

The next tip for renting a villa is to choose a villa building design. Those of you who want to enjoy more of the natural atmosphere can choose a villa with a traditional building style. Usually, these types of villas have a simple building style and look comfortable. The design of the garden and plants decorated around the villa can also be a factor to consider because it will add a natural atmosphere to your holiday.

Or maybe you have planned activities outside the villa, You can choose a villa with a modern design that is equipped with complete facilities so that you can rest after your activities and your needs are met.

Villa Size

The size of the villa is one of the main considerations, taking into account the family members who are going on holiday so that of course you will not be disturbed by the lack of a place to rest and relax if the size of the villa is too small. Make sure the number of rooms available is sufficient for everyone on your holiday. Not only bedrooms, gathering areas and dining areas also need to be taken into account so that when you gather together, the room can be occupied comfortably.

Ask about the Services Provided

Currently, many services are also provided as a complement to villa rentals. You need to note down or remember the services you will get during your holiday, such as if you are on holiday for a long time, you can ask about food accommodation and cleaning and laundry services so that your holiday can be more optimal.

Checking Completeness of Facilities

With the facilities offered in the villa, you can ensure the comfort of your family or colleagues while on holiday, such as air conditioning or room heating, internet connection, family room, private swimming pool, barbecue area and equipment, and kitchen equipment.

After you read some tips for renting a villa, you can start planning activities or even preparing what you need to bring, and avoid the risk of being cheated or disappointed because facilities and services are not available. You have to be careful so that your holiday can be a memorable and enjoyable moment because there are quite a few disappointing experiences due to holidays that are not well planned.